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Route de l’Espérance - Gd Case

Ouvert tous les jours de 8h00 à 19h00

Location de voiture à Saint Martin, aéroport SXM, SFG, véhicule luxe


Collection Prestige

Nos véhicule de prestiges raviront nos clients VIP pour des vacances de luxe

Transfert Aéroport

Golfe Car Rental s’occupe de venir vous chercher aux différents aéroports de l’ile, mais aussi aux gares maritimes de Marigot et Oyster Pond

Plans d'assurances abordables

Conduisez en paix avec toute votre famille grâce à nos plans d’assurances abordables

Véhicules utilitaires

Besoin d’un camion ou d’un utilitaire pour un déménagement, pas de problème Golfe Car Rental s’occupe de vous avec sa gamme utilitaire.

Offre Entreprise

Vous faites des voyages d’affaires sur notre ile, Golfe Car Rental a des offres speciales pour vous! Demander nos offres Entreprises

Programme de fidélité

Pour nos clients particuliers et professionnels GOLFE CAR RENTAL vous propose de vous inscrire dans notre programme de fidélisation afin d’avoir accès à de nombreux avantages


Golfe car rental à plus de 200 voitures


  • Excellent and friendly service. Jhaquim was especially helpful, taking the time to answer our questions. He made sure we were comfortable with the directions to our resort and gave us some useful tips for driving around the island. The car was clean and in good working order. We highly recommend Golfe Car Rental.
  • Excellent service. We were met at the airport and treated well. Joaquin helped us. He was gracious and took the time to answer all of our questions. He was especially concerned that we were confident with the directions to our resort. The car was clean and we had no issues with it. We highly recommend Golfe Car Rental.
  • We recently completed a 1 month car rental from Golfe during our visit to St Martin. Prior to our arrival, any questions or issues I had were promptly and clearly answered via email. Upon our arrival in St Martin, we were met by a courteous and friendly Golfe representative. We completed the necessary paperwork in 5 minutes and he then took us to our car in the nearby parking lot which was only a 2 minute walk away. He gave us a brief overview of the car and encouraged me to take photos of the car's condition, which was perfect except for a couple of minor paint chips. I took a number of photos and we were on our way with a like-new car. It ran trouble free for the entire month. On the day we were departing St Martin, I left the car in the same parking lot where I picked it up. I took additional photos of the car that day also even though no new damage occurred. All in all, our rental experience with Golfe was outstanding and I was happy they were referred to me by the owner of the home we rented for our stay. I would not hesitate to rent from Golfe again on on next visit to St Martin.
  • I had a great experience with Golfe Car. I was able to rent a car the same day from the airport in Grand Case. The price is right and less than all the others I had previously researched. They pick you up in the shuttle and take you to the office and parking lot. Everyone working there was super nice and friendly and everyone also spoke English. And the best thing is that I got a brand new car as my rental and it is perfect. I highly recommend Golfe to everyone.
  • We are very happy to have rented our car from Golfe Car rental - twice during our stay in St.Martin. The customer service is outstanding; they are more than happy to come and pick you up / drop off the car / deliver the car where ever you might be on the Island. The staff we met have all been very friendly, pleasant and helpful. I will always rent from Golfe Car Rental when visiting St.Martin. Elke & Alan


Golfe Car Rental est né en 1998

Son gérant MR POLLIN fort de son expérience dans le tourisme a voulu apporter son professionnalisme dans le secteur de la location de voitures.

Aujourd’hui Golfe car rental à plus de 200 voitures en parc.

Grâce à son service et sa capacité de tenir ses engagements auprès de ses clients, Golfe Car Rental est une valeur sûr.

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Route de l'Espérance


+590 590 51 94 81


[email protected]



Île de St Martin

Conditions Générales


Location de voiture à l'Ile de Saint Martin / Sxm de la location de voitures de tous types (haut de gamme, utilitaire, véhicule haut de gamme de luxe et de prestige...). L'agence vous reçoit dans ses bureaux à St Martin. Vous pouvez louer une voiture à l'aéroport Grand Case et aéroport Princess Juliana (SFG, SXM).




Bureaux : Route de l'Espérance

Téléphone : +590 590 51 94 81

Email : [email protected]

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